Shelling Line In-charge

Qualification –
Preferably ITI-Mechanical OR experience on Cashew shelling machine for minimum 6 months OR experience as operator on any complex mechanical cutting line as mechanic

Job description

  • Shall be treated as owner of Particular Shelling machine assigned to him/her. So shall be able to underatnd the functioning of the machine in very well and detailed manner
  • Shall be doing preventive maintenance as per checklist assigned on regular freqeuncy, which also includes daily claening operations as prescribed
  • Shall be keeping history of the machine, which also includes blade replacement frequency, any spare part replacement freqeuncy, consumable replacement trend and will check deviation if any against standards given
  • Shell continuously watch machine performacne with respect to all parameters like origin based speed, uncut, unpeeled, unscooped, rejections% and all such parameetrs vas prescribed
  • Shall prepare performance related reports of the machine and shall do analysis with respect to abnormalities (Hence must be aware about what is called abnormal situation)
  • At specified interval during the shift, shall take samples and shall do testing and in case of abnormalities, immeediately escalate the matter and do corrective actions immediately for rest of the day
  • Shall be aware about the standards set with machine, which not only machine parameters but also ideal labours allocation, time of machine running and output as per plans. Shall adhere to standard parameters
  • Shall continuously look for productivity of labours and shall figure out non productive/ less productive labours
  • Shall contribute in preparation of training program for labours and key people with the machine and shall participate in giving training. Shall measure efficiency of the training and if require retrain the concerned labours shall be able to replace consumables as and when required , especially cartridges in stipulated time period
  • Shall continuously observe machine for abnormal noise, disturbed settings and if require shall do mechanical adjustments for better running of the machine
  • Shall develop the skill such that within 3 months of being as “Owner” on machine, shall be master of machine parameters, how machine will behave in specific origin, settings of the machine etc…

Employment –
To begin with on Contract but may not be sourced through contractor, should be sourced through Other recruitment agency

CTC Range –
More than Daily wages on contract-To discuss

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