Sr. Production Executive

Location –
Ahmedabad ( Near Bareja-Outskirts of Ahmedabad)

Education Qualification –
Science graduate in food technology OR any relevant courses in Food technology, Engineers (Mechanical/Production or related) having experience of handling production in Food technology will get added advantage

Experience in years –
4-5 years preferably with food processing units and knowledge about FSSAI practices and Quality Management Practices

Skills –

  • Technical ability to handle machines ( operation, preventive maintenance, maximizing utilization, trend analysis)
  • Analytical abilities (trend analysis for productivity, quality output, failures etc…)
  • Scheduling abilities for shift
  • Managing abilities for labour
  • Computer knowledge ( Word, Xls, Power point, internet)
  • Gujarati/Hindi  is mandatory, English working knowledge is acceptable

Job Profile –

  • To be able to work and preferably operate on shop floor with Automated production machineries, to validate the same as per manufacturer’s specification, to set allied facilities
  • To set up targeted production in time bound manner through proper batch management practices and by line balancing, by making optimum usage of machines and by training labours. To control abnormal losses during production and maintain the standard ratios like yield, broken etc…
  • To ensure equipment preventive maintenance and checking and ensure input/ output ratios and efficiency management
  • To setup the labour training mechanism and increase the output through training and to be able to motivate labours/staff including labours working on manual processes
  • Shall be responsible for in process Quality control and shall be responsible for achieving quality norms set
  • Shall be responsible for preparation for technical manual for training of the operators and supervisors by logically deriving the contents
  • Shall be responsible for the section’s quality management practices
  • To ensure that management reports related to operations ( production and related costs) are developed as per guidelines and are submitted at required intervals

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